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"COASTLINE" by Alice Tuan is an "in your face" theatre piece that captures the rhythms and vocabulary of American youth, what they are thinking and where they are coming from. It reflects the disconnection, the irony, and the resilience of adolescent life and adolescent survival in the 2 1 st century. It paints a fast moving, stark picture of what the "adult way of living life," with its sexism, racism, materialism, and political manipulation is doing to our American youth. The style is contemporary, witty and imaginative and the language at times acts like a magnet on souls of steel! At Serious Play!, we are excited to create new movement, dance and gesture to support the language and images of the piece, to delve deeply into the characters and their choice of language to express pleasure and pain.


The actors of Serious Play! have committed to hours of physical and vocal training and to understanding theatre as an art form. From the rigorous physical exercises of the Suzuki training, to an understanding of Anne Bogart's Vievlpo*mts Vocabulary for the creation of new and adapted perfom iance pieces on stage, they are well versed in creative collaboration. They are not afraid to take artistic risks, to ask questions, or to go inside themselves and their own life experiences for the truth of a moment. This foundation will make for a rich collaboration with playwright Alice Tuan, as Serious Play! actors explore the characters of Char and Blur and investigate the play of Coastline's themes in their own lives.


- Sheryl Stoodley, Artistic Director

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