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Tales of the Lost Formicans

From the original press release: 1999


Constance Congdon's Comic-Tragedy of Middle America-----------



The Second Collaboration Between Guest Director Jonathan Croy of Shakespeare and Company, and Artistic Director Sheryl Stoodley of Serious Play! Theater Ensemble, Thornes, Northampton


Serious Play! Adolescent Theater Ensemble explores Amherst playwright Constance Congdon's imaginative and insightful play, "Tales of the Lost Formicans". This witty and passionate script explores the story of a man with Alzheimer's disease and at the same time turns into "a travel guide to Middle America conducted by aliens from outer space".  The play has a wonderful comic sensibility,  but this is a chillingly painful play addressing postmodern society's collective nervous breakdown. Ms. Congdon has a sure command of both her language and her subject.


All performances are at Thornes Marketplace, 3rd Floor Artspace, 150 Main St., Northampton, MA. *The performances are for audience ages 13 years old and up, due to the adult themes and language.


Along side the Serious Play! "total physical expressiveness

actor training" which links the perceptual landscape of the audience with the inner focus of the performer, the actors and directors have applied "Shakespeare and Company technique"which helps actors understand and release the emotional power contained in language.


All of this collaborative energy is poured into Serious Play! Ensemble's unique interpretation of Constance Congdon's "Tales of the Lost Formicans".


This project is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Northampton Arts Council, and the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation. Serious Play! is a project of Cultural Images Group, Inc., Northampton.

A Project of Cultural Images Group, Inc

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