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Hamlet: Asalto a la Inocencia

From the original press release: 2000


“Hamlet - Asalto a la Inocencia”, a collaboration between Sheryl Stoodley of Serious Play!, Jonathan Croy of Shakespeare & Company and internationally-known playwright Migdalia Cruz, is the centerpiece of an aggressive two-year effort, that will culminate with a performance in Athens, Greece in October 2000 at the 5th Annual Women Playwrights International Conference.


Our adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” explores family, conflict, innocence, ambition and revenge.  We will address the mission of Serious Play! by celebrating the diversity of the ensemble and the society in which we live.  Our “Hamlet” will be bi-cultural.  He will be grappling with his cultural identity, heightening the tension in the original play over questions of loyalty and betrayal.


Our experience with “Titus Andronicus” taught us that deconstructing canonical texts can create powerful theater, especially with adolescent actors and audiences.  We were drawn to Hamlet” because the play addresses the struggles of young people as they explore and create their own identities in the journey to adulthood.


The ensemble has been working on this production since early September with a rigorous Fall training and rehearsal schedule that is now in full gear. After its April premier at Thornes, “Hamlet - Asalto a la Inocencia” plans to go on a regional tour made possible thorugh the effort of Martha Richards and Sarah Browning at the Fund for Women Artists in Florence, Mass.



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