Serious Play!

Theatre Ensemble



I am excited to adapt and update Metamorphosis for Serious Play! Theatre Ensemble. I am rewriting Kafka’s Gregor as a working mother (Gregora) in her mid-forties who “goes through the change” and becomes an insect. What happens when a sex-worker’s body morphs into something as hard as she has had to make her heart? What happens when that hard body—devoid of any apparent grace, beauty or femininity—can no longer be marketed and sold? Moreover, who will love her? Has she ever been loved? Matermorphosis will combine magical realism and dark comedy to paint a modern and intimate—albeit dysfunctional—American family portrait. The piece will also investigate gender roles, anorexia, AIDS, torture and terrorism.

- Sheryl Stoodley, Artistic Director


A Project of Cultural Images Group, Inc

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