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Milosevic at the Hague

“Milosevic at the Hague” is full-length, two-act play tracing the rise of Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic, from anonymous party bureaucrat to President of Serbia.  It follows his fall and ultimate deportation to a small prison cell at the Hague War Crimes Court. The play asks key questions about the temptation of power and whether the use of stunning force is justified in removing tyrants.  The dramatic narrative is non-linear, jumping across time to show early formative years in Milosevic’s life and their influence in shaping his persona.   The play also employs a strong dose of theatrical expressionist “magic,” as the world of the play is peopled with mythical Balkan “vilas,” or furies, who tempt Milosevic in a manner akin to the witches in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”


The staging style in “Milosevic at the Hague” is vigorous, exciting, and robust.  All of the sound composition is performed “live,” on stage.  The vilas sing ravishing choral harmonies, drawn from ancient folk songs in Kosovo.  Live Balkan brass music, as well as contemporary electric guitar, provides a haunting and lively soundscape to the unfolding story.   There are elements of contemporary and traditional  dance woven into the multi-faceted narrative, as well as dynamic physicality in the actors’ movements.  “Milosevic at the Hague” is a powerful theatrical event, utilizing all aspects of the dramatic arena:  acting, movement & dance, sound & music, singing, heightened text, and an adventurous aesthetic. The play ultimately finds its center not in the worldly halls of power, but in the innocent yearnings of a 12-year-old Kosovo girl, who walks past the sword in order to discover the enduring strength of the spirit.

- Milan Dragicevich, Playwright


Audience Comments:



I'm so glad we got to see the play. I was extremely impressed. While it was honestly not a topic that I thought I'd find so compelling, the script, the direction, and the production quickly transcended my expectations, and I was totally engaged. The music, the sound, the movement -- all of the elements were terrific.  It was truly an astonishing production.  It's one of those plays that makes you sorry for the ephemeral nature of theatre, because this production should have a life long beyond these couple of weeks.




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