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Rick Fantasia


Rick Fantasia moved to Northampton in 1978 to attend graduate school at the University of Massachusetts and was awarded a Ph.D. in sociology in 1982. He has been teaching at Smith College since the fall of that year. While on a fellowship at the University of Sussex in England for 1985-86, he spent most of his Saturday nights attending fringe theatre performances across London. At Smith, he regularly teaches Class and Society, Urban Sociology, a seminar on "Workers' Movements" and various courses in the sociology of culture and the arts.  Rick's research interests concern questions of labor and of culture, both in the United States and in France. He is currently working to complete a book with the tentative title "The Magic of Americanism: French Gastronomy in the Age of Neo-Liberalism." In 2004 Rick was elected to the Sociological Research Association, an honor society; in 2006 he was elected chair of the Labor and Labor Movements section of the American Sociological Association; and in 2009 he was elected chair of the Culture section of the American Sociological Association. Rick is also on the board of the Northampton Arts Council. More about Rick’s background and interests, professional and political, is available at