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The Skriker

From the original press release: 2003


”THE SKRIKER"  by Caryl Churchill

Co- Directed by:  Sheryl Stoodley, Artistic Director/Serious Play! Theatre and Artist Associate, Daniel Barnes

With Choreography by Artist Associate, Candy Santiago


Northampton Dates / Thornes APE:  Thursday,April 24, Friday April 25, Saturday, April 26  and Thursday, May 1, Friday May 2, and Saturday May 3 at 8:00 PM.


Boston Dates / BCA:  May 8th, 9th, 10th.


Caryl Churchill's 1994 play, "THE SKRIKER", is a mixture of old myth and modern madness. The play utilizes a dream logic as two troubled teenage women, one pregnant, the other having killed her baby, become embroiled with age old spirits. A pagan underworld, whether real or imagined, is all about them. Chief among these spirits is the Skriker, a shape-shifter and death portent, ancient, damaged, seeking love and revenge.


There are comic touches. One of the girls after contacting the Skriker spews out pounds of coins, the other less friendly girl- live toads! But it is the linguistics that catch the memory. The Joycean stream-of-consciousness overture, crammed with nonsense, puns and literary allusions, sets the tone. Words, visions, sound can take possession of someone and not let go. Movement offers still more opportunity to convey the rich "otherness" of myth.


Drawing on the Serious Play! "total physical expressiveness

actor training" which links the perceptual landscape of the audience with the inner focus of the performer, the actors and directors have worked to create their own interpretation of the emotional texture of this piece.


So what's the point of it all? There are moments when "The Skriker" says fairyland is "the real world". Certainly some of the characters belong in a human bestiary. Has Churchill ventured into folklore and the darker parts of our collective unconscious in hopes of finding fresh metaphors for this mad, muddled place called today's world?


This project is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


This Spring 2003 production's all women ensemble includes:


Aurora Becerra

Kiki Bertocci

Kristen Blakely

Ellen Morf

Carla Tome

Anne-Marie Wayne



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