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Titus Andronicus

From the original production press release: 1998


Shakespeare's   Tragedy of Revenge-----------



A collaboration between the Ensemble, Director Jonathan Croy of Shakespeare and Company, and Director Sheryl Stoodley of Serious Play!


Serious Play! Adolescent Theater Ensemble explores William Shakespeare's tragedy of revenge in their production, TITUS ANDRONICUS*PER STYGA PER MANES VEHOR. This collaborative theater piece will be performed at Thornes Marketplace, 3rd Floor Artspace, 150 Main St., Northampton, MA.


During our present intense two month collaboration, the ensemble work has focused on stylized theater technique with a concentration on the actor's expressive use of body and voice. Experimenting with the "Viewpoints Theory" or compositional tool of director Anne Bogart,  and the acting exercises of Tadashi Suzuki, we have enhanced our artistic vision.

 Along side this process which links the perceptual landscape of the audience with the inner focus of the performer, the actors and directors have applied "Shakespeare and Company technique"which works to help actors understand and release the emotional power contained in Shakespeare's language.


All of this collaborative energy is poured into Serious Play! Ensemble's interpretation and adaptation of Shakespeare's early tragedy of revenge, Titus Andronicus*Per Styga Per Manes Vehor.


This project is funded in part by the Massachusettts Cultural Council, the Northampton Arts Lottery, and the W.W. Arts Always Fund.


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