Serious Play!

Theatre Ensemble

The Serious Play! Actor Training is a challenging and unique physical actor training in a collaborative ensemble setting. Identify and sculpt your strengths as a creator and performer.  Work collectively, using the demanding exercises of Tadashi Suzuki and the movement vocabulary of Viewpoints toward “total physical expressiveness” on stage.


Explore various acting disciplines-Linklater, Grotowski, Laban, Zapproah, Chaikin, and warm up the voice and body, toward developing improvisational compositions which can lead to devised, or  deconstructed text driven theatre. Dissolve the nightmare of failure and speak of fortitude, connection, risk-taking and courage. Realize the power of honest full body listening and responding in a dramatic moment that heightens the communication both physically and verbally with an audience.



High School, College & Community Workshops


Workshops, Residencies and Lecture Demonstrations led by Serious Play Artistic Director & Ensemble Artists


* The Physical Actor Training of Tadashi Suzuki & Beyond


* Viewpoints Vocabulary & Theatrical Composition


*Stage Combat with Poles / A Unique Fight Choreography Training


* Lecture / Demonstrations: Designed around the present creative work and most recent explorations of the Ensemble


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