Serious Play

Theatre Ensemble

We fuse ensemble member experiences into powerful theatre with strong contemporary messages through total physical expressiveness on stage.



The Edinburgh Fringe Performance Exchange: Working with Western Mass artists to bring high quality performances to Scotland and selecting dynamic new work to bring back to the Valley.


It began by taking The Red Guitar to Scotland in 2016.  We returned with Mairi Campbell's PULSE and Nassim Soleimanpour's White Rabbit Red Rabbit.


We went back this year returning The Red Guitar as well as bringing a new performance, Do IT Now: Manual Override.  Both received 4-star reviews from the Scotsman and Herald respectively and enthralled enthusiastic audiences.


We researched thought-provoking new performances that will appeal to Western Mass. audiences and found at least four. More on those soon.


Your support is most appreciated.

  Thank you to all our on-going supporters and to all those who came to our "Return From The Fringe" performances this past Friday and Saturday, Oct 5 & 6 at the new Northampton Community Arts Trust as part of A.P.E@33Hawley.  Great to share these now matured works with our friends and with new audience members just discovering the work of Serious Play here in the Valley.

DO IT NOW: Manual Override




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